Q & A

  1. Will I need a passport?

Most of De Bacchanal Lounge’s vacations require a passport, although there is at least 1 vacation a year that will not require one.

  1. Will I need immunizations?

No and Yes, most of the vacation’s will be to locations that will not require immunizations. De Bacchanal Lounge will have upcoming charity events overseas that may require them. At that time you will be given notice.

  1. What is the conversion rate and how much money should I BRING?

The idea behind De Bacchanal Lounge is to provide an all inclusive package from transportation to meals. In which you should only bring spending/shopping money. Conversion rates will depend on the location that we are traveling too an example is Trinidad and Tobago which $6.00 TTD = $1.00 USD. You will always be provided with conversion rates when purchasing your packages from De Bacchanal.

**TRAVEL TIP**  Call your bank a week before you travel to advise you are leaving the country.  It is possible that they may block your account in suspicion of fraudulent activity.

  1. What does my All Inclusive/ Carnival package include?

All details for any and every package will have a direct link labeled with it’s name and location! Within that link you should find details which will include Airfare, Hotel, Meals,Tours, Carnival Costume -All inclusive, Fetes or Parties and/or amusement parks depending on locations. The information will also be provided on the Official Facebook page.

  1. How do I pay? Do you offer payment plans?

Yes and Yes! De Bacchanal Lounge number one motto is to provide an affordable all inclusive package with payment plans! I don’t just offer the traditional room and board with onsite activities. You will leave the resort….actually explore and even participate in various festivities on the island. Payment plans are flexible, you are allowed to make multiple payments per month if once a month payments cannot work for your budget. Final payments are due at least 1 week before departure on all packages.

  1. Cancellations & Refunds

De Bacchanal Lounge does not offer refunds unless your package states refundable deposit. Refunds aren’t offered for many reasons. One being is when you as the consumer purchase your package I use those funds to purchase your included items in the package immediately. Majority of the contracts signed with my partners state this, this is because they are providing their time and service to you. If you cancel and they provide you with a refund then they have lost time and money. If you need to cancel you and I will work together to find someone to take your place. Once this person is found an amount will need to be negotiated between the two of you on what they should pay you! The new buyer will only pay to De Bacchanal the balance of your package. 

  1. Can I use my cell phone there? 

You can use your cell phone in whichever location that we travel too…Keep in mind depending on your service provider you will be billed accordingly…

**Travel Tip** Contact your cell phone provider and add international roaming/texting to your phone prior to your trip.  This is one cost effective way of staying connected to loved ones back home.

  1. Will I be able to access the internet?

Internet access is available in your room.

  1. What should I pack?

Depending on the location this will determine what should be placed in your suitcase

Well of course you need clothes but besides that you should pack :

Toiletries, COMFORTABLE shoes and sandals, sneakers or boots to play mas, WITH Insoles, High SPF sun block, Bathing suit, flip flops and a towel, Pain medicine, pocket tissues and hand sanitizer.

  1. What if I want to purchase multiple packages?

You can! There is nothing wrong with purchasing more than one package. If this is the case, you will be given a more flexible payment plan as if it isn’t already haha! You will also receive a 10% discount on the new package that you are adding.

  1. Are you a travel agent?

No to the No!!! I am a tour guide and event planner I pride myself on the fact that I will attend every experience with you. Customer service and attention is key and that can’t be provided most times thousands of miles away. I search for new locations that I feel would be enjoyable for my clientele as well as myself. Tours and activities are then built around that country idea of fun…. What do the locals do? The best way to find out is to get involved and do it!!!!

If you still have more questions please send me an email or complete the contact us form!