Who we are

Ashlee Haste-Hines – President of De Bacchanal Lounge

Latasha Bell – VP of De Bacchanal Lounge

My Name is Latasha Bell. Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y – A strong passion for fashion design and event planning developed, which led me to pursue my dream in design. As VP of DBL, it is my #1 priority to guarantee customer satisfaction and total confidence in our planning, organizing, and execution of special events. I take pride in providing high-quality customer service; where I am always available to listen and assist in any way that I can.

My hobbies include: spending time with my family, traveling and shopping (of course!).

Tamyra Terrell – Marketing/Promotional Chair

Hello World, I’m Tamyra Terrell a Trini-American who enjoys all things Carnival. Carnival makes me extremely happy and takes away all the pressures of life. I consider myself to be a fun spirit person with a great big heart. Currently, under the DBL brand, I am the Marketing/Promotional Chair. It is my duty to make sure all DBL events and adventures are advertised on all Social Media platforms and email blast.

Should you have any questions regarding Marketing/Promotions please email me at

Stephanie Hightower – Public Relations

Singing, Hello, Hello, Hello…I’m Stephanie Hightower. Originally from Kentucky – but will swear I am from the islands. All things Carnival excite me. I’m extremely outgoing, love meeting new people and have an overall zest for life. A better title would be “The Social Butterfly”.
I’ve graciously accepted the role of DBL’s Public Relations person! I’ll keep you in tune with everything DBL is doing that’s exciting, social, and newsworthy!

Takeya Harper – Fashion Coordinator 

My name is Takeya Harper, and I am the fashion coordinator for De Bacchanal Lounge. I am from Brooklyn, NY and enjoy in-store shopping, online fashion, traveling and participating in Carnival. Carnival is the bomb! Extraordinary! All the way LIT! I could go on! Carnival always brings out my other side in the best way with no cares or worries just enjoying life at the moment. My favorite part of Carnival is dressing up in costume because you get to be the crazy sexy woman you fantasize about…Carnival is Woman!!! DBL Beauties believe appearance is everything regardless of size, gender or color. Beauty is for everyone, and I enjoy bringing that out of people. My focus is to promote DBL’s unique designs whether it be for carnival or that special occasion you have been dreaming of!